• Use your existing Automation System - InterCART emulates industry standard CART machines.  Connect by RS422 and use standard CART Protocol to download the playlist and automate the playout.

  • Use the InterCART Playout Panel with its familiar layout of director's buttons giving independent control of four channels for playing out news and sport items.

  • CART playlist displays on a VGA monitor and includes Story Number, Cassette ID, Title, Timecode, Duration and Status for each channel.

  • As Run Logs are available from PC on floppy or to your network.


  • InterCART automates transfers from tape to server.  And if you have DVC Pro and a Cachebox, these transfers can be at 4 times speed in SDTI format.

  • Crash Record and then trim to length afterwards.

  • Continue recording even while system is on air.


  • InterCART uses Cassette ID and Title to identify clips on the server.  IDs are added when the clip is recorded, or when editing is complete.  Two ID formats are supported.  You can choose to use four digits (1234) or eight characters (ABC123YZ).  In the absence of an ID, InterCART can operate with Titles alone.

  • InterCART defaults to using the whole clip unless otherwise specified.  This means that Timecode and Duration need not be entered manually.  But you can change these values quickly and simply when necessary.