Overview of INTERLINEAR...

Interlinear is a purpose-built interface which enables the benefits - speed, flexibility and reliability - of the non-linear Quantel Server to be enjoyed in the linear edit suite.

Protocol translation routines working at the heart of Interlinear enable material to be played, edited and recorded on Clipbox just as if it were a conventional VTR, but without the limitations and frustrations of the linear environment.  And as Interlinear includes its own control functions it is equally effective as a linear controller for Clipbox, and a conventional VTR as well as an interface for a third party VTR controller.

As well as providing direct operation of Clipbox through its own control panel, the internal translation protocols on Interlinear enable traditional linear edit controllers to work with Clipbox as if it were a conventional VTR.  As each clip appears to the linear controller as if it were a separate tape, there is no problem with duplicated timecodes.  Selecting new clips on Interlinear is the streamlined equivalent to changing tapes on VTRs.

Unique amongst linear edit controllers, Interlinear includes clip titles in its display, as well as the more conventional In and Out timecodes and clip durations.  Even the vast capacity of Clipbox can be scrolled through quickly and easily at rates controlled by the Jog/Shuttle knob, or titles searched for by partial entry.

Three lines of graphic display make it remarkably easy to find and select clips, whether by title or clip number, and to edit clip lists, while the true random access of Clipbox ensures that any changes take effect on a next frame basis.

Following the conventional form familiar to the experienced VTR operator, Interlinear's controls are arranged in two groups either side of the jog/shuttle knob.  Operational keys, those that affect transport and editing functions, are arranged to the left with those concerned with playlist data and clip selection on the right.  The jog/shuttle knob uses the conventional push movement, familiar to editors and VTR operators alike, to select between Shuttle and Jog modes.

Dual control outputs from Interlinear enable two independent channels of Clipbox to be controlled either as paired programme and key outputs, or as two separate channels to enable A/B rolls into a vision mixer, DVE or other downstream device.